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Your CV may be perfect, you may have years and years of relevant experience but you still need to perform well in an interview. They are the first impression that your potential employer gets of you and it's essential you come across well.  

We've asked the UK's leading interview coaching company, Anson Reed, to provide us with some advice to help you prepare for and then excel in your next.

21st Sep 2009 Ten top tips for success in any job interview

So what are the main points that you need to keep in mind when it comes to being a successful interviewee?

21st Sep 2009 Interview tips – How to excel in job interviews

The good news is that you can develop winning interview skills quickly and easily and in this article we give you some key interview tips which will help you walk away with the job offer.

21st Sep 2009 Winning techniques for a successful job interview

You need to ensure that you have the techniques needed to successfully get through the interview stage

21st Sep 2009 Secretarial Job Interviews – What they will ask and how to answer

An interview can be a stressful and nerve-wracking situation and this article provide essential advice for those attending an interview for Secretarial posts

21st Sep 2009 How to prepare for a job interview

Many job applicants make the classic mistake of thinking that a good CV is all that’s needed to win a job offer in an interview

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