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Having problems with your boss? Want to take the next step on the career ladder? Having difficulty landing that job? Well, we can help. We've enlisted a bunch of top recruitment consultants from some of the best secretarial agencies to give their advice so if you have a question please submit it to us using the form below.

16th Oct 2009 Should I move to Dubai?

A London-based office manager is considering moving to live and work with her husband in Dubai......

6th Oct 2009 Ageism?

Hi there. I've been a Personal Assistant for 28 years (i'm 52) and have recently been made redundant. I'm applying for lots of jobs but am getting rejected........

23rd Sep 2009 How to become a Personal Assistant?

I have worked for a large investment bank as a team secretary for 4 years, which I enjoy but would ideally like to progress into a more senior Personal Assistant role.....

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